Micro tensile test

The universal Tensile and Pressure Testing System TC 550 is designed for testing different materials and components

A high precision linear unit moves the sample mounting along the horizontal axis with a maximum travel of 50 mm and a resolution of up to 0,5 µm. The resulting pressure is recorded against the distance by a calibrated force sensor operating independent of its own compliance. The maximum tensile- and pressure force is 500N

A wide range of composites can be tested thanks to the integrated scalable loading- and burst-detection

The system is fitted with a report function; that way, results can be transfered automatically to the office software MS-Excel

-various analyzing functions

The TC 550 allows for testing tensile force, compressive force, static force and dynamic force cycles (with/without dwell at the turning points). In addition to that, several test series can be compred dirctly and analyzed graphicall. Specific analyzing functions can be implemented into the software upon customer´s request

The included software package provides for an easy operation and offers features such as

-simulation of different loadings

-graphical representation of the results

Download PDF-File

Download Pdf-File

Micro tensile test