Chew Simulation

Abrasion of teeth and tooth material

Variabel antagonists for teeth or bridges, liquid emulsions

Number of cycles: 1 to 999 999 / frequency 1Hz

4 sample chambers to be loaded independently with different weights

Ordering party: Poliklinik München

Shafts and guidances made of hardened and sanded precision steel

Pneumatic power unit including water separation and oil conditioning integrated in the machine, so that all the pneumatic components are maintenance-free

All components as guidances, bearings, pneumatic components are of German brand; retaimers and stop units are made of stainless steel

The sample chambers may be removed for inbetween-measuring of the samples and repositioned acurately afterwards

Pneumatically powered vertical and horizontal chewing movement

Download PDF-File

Download Pdf-File

Chew Simulation